o 2-axis measuring (X&Y)

o Graphical user interface

o Compatible with Capture™ software

o Smart Display: hi-def color, touchscreen

o Optional wireless capabilities

o Measurements down to 0.0001-inch

o Onboard processing and data storage

o Compatible with up to 8 receivers

o Measure distances up to 180 feet


o 2-axis measuring (X&Y)

o Compatible with Capture™ software

o LCD display screen with multifunction buttons

o Measurements down to 0.0001-inch

o Measure distances up to 150 feet


o Single axis measuring

o LCD display screen

o Measurements down to 0.001-inch

o Measure distances up to 120 feet

D. Alignment Accessories

E. Custom Alignment Equipment


Our Laser Microgage products are versatile and ready to go to work on all of your measuring and alignment projects. Unlike most available alignment systems, our products are designed for multitasking capabilities. Below is a list of typical industrial alignment applications.

Additional Applications

Locating gantry rails and cross bridges

Assembling long machinery runs

Adjusting roller and guide assemblies

Aligning bearings

Adjusting large web systems

Gauging large parts and assemblies

Aligning shafts and transmissions

Aligning turbines

Measuring structural and shaft deflections

Aligning belts and drive systems

Checking machinery clearance and wear

Adjusting frames and fixtures

Checking milling and cutting stations

Checking injection molding machines

Aligning stamping presses

Precision surveying